The Size And Style Of Your New Haven Housing Will Impact Your Utility Costs

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There are many options for your New Haven housing possibilities. You can choose to live like most, either in an apartment or detached home, or you might go down a route that is a little more uncommon, such as a townhome, condo, or even a tiny/small home or a mobile home.

All have their benefits and their drawbacks, and while all factors should be considered, there is one particular facet to living in each that many homeowners or renters fail to take into consideration. That factor is the fact that the style and size of a New Haven housing option is going to have a huge impact on their utility bill.

Commonly, standalone homes have the highest utility bills, but this is not always the case. They tend to have more square footage than apartments or other housing options, and so they take more energy to heat or cool down. On the other hand, the right trees and shade might make them easier to keep cool, especially compared to apartments on the sunny side of a building that get pummelled with direct light for the better part of the day.

Apartments also might get heated up more from the fact that there are warm units and heat coming in from apartments to the side, above, and even below. On the other hand, this can also reduce the need for running the heat in the winter, as a unit stays warmer so much easier.

What sides a residence shares with others, be it an apartment, a condo, or a townhome, as well as the square footage overall, are two of the biggest factors into the utility bills. However, trees that provide shade or even break cold winds in the winter have impact too.